Jack Daniels Single Barrel Tennessee 700ml

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Each batch of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel is drawn from a single charred white oak barrel. It offers unadulterated taste, smokier, bolder and packing enough firepower to light a Confederate cannon. It's the job of Jack Daniel's Master Distiller, as the official taste tester, to determine which casks measure up for inclusion into the final mix. When you drink Single Barrel, note the cask number on the label, detect the different nuances, a strong caramel or vanilla presence or maybe the toasted oak or fruit drawn from the barrel will capture your tastebuds.
Available in cases of 6
Case of 6
Made to the exacting standards of Old No. 7, Single Barrel is charcoal mellowed and matured in charred white oak barrels. Single Barrel however is aged in a special place within the barrelhouse. Casks showing potential are rested in the upper reaches, known as the Angel's Roost. Here summer temperatures can easily reach over 100 degrees fahrenheit, and in winter dip below freezing. Year after year, the seasonal changes affect the Whiskey, as Single Barrel acquires it's many complex flavours, like the caramelized sugars from the cask's charred interior. Each bottle is hand labeled with its barrel number, giving fine spirit connoisseurs the opportunity to understand the uniqueness of Single Barrel
Rich red amber color. The nose, surprisingly smooth for its proof, is full of wood and peachy fruit. Its dry, oaky, taste has a nice glow but no afterbite. The process of filtering every drop through ten feet of sugar maple charcoal ensures its distinctive flavour and makes it a true Tennessee Whiskey. Cut with water, the oak and underlying corn are more pronounced, exhibiting strength to the finish.
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