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Returned servicemen from the Great War could look forward to government grants of pastoral freehold. West Australia's Willyabrup Valley was such a place, just a short walk from the balmy beaches of Indian Ocean, it offered the veterans excellent potential for agriculture. The fertile lands of Sussex Vale were originally established to animal husbandry by the discharged troopers, generations of livestock enriched the soils and it was astutely sown to vines in 1973. Fortuitously placed at the very heart of the Australian west's most illustrious estates, it continued to occupy the thoughts of neighbouring Howard Park's chief winemaker, until he acquired the.. A better block on hay shed hill»
Beechworth attracts the most artisanal winemakers, the region's rich mineral soils and parched, undulating terrains, breed wines of vigorous flavour, crystalline textures and boney savoury tannins. The first parcel of Crown Land in the region was acquired by Isaac Phillips in 1857, he christened his estate Golden Ball and built a hotel named Honeymooners Inn, servicing miners on their way up the steep trails to the Beechworth goldfields. The old pub remains but the surrounding land has been turned over to viticulture, planted to vine in the nineteen naughties, it produces a quality of wine that's reserved for the nation's most exclusive winelists. Served by.. Small batches of beechworth's best»
Jane Mitchell is one of Clare Valley's leading wine industry identities, Clare Valley Legend and Clare Valley Winemakers Hall of Fame, Centenary Federation of Australia Medal, SA Tourism Commission, Australian Regional Winemakers Forum, Wine Federation of Australia Council and Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation Board. Mitchell's largest vineyard is at Watervale, a very bleak place in the middle of winter at pruning time. It is known by the vineyard workers as Alcatraz, a place to do penance in the cold, wind and rain of a Clare Valley winter. Alcatraz only ever yields minimal harvests, source of the most memorable vintages in our nation's.. These old clare valley vines are just getting better»
There's a vineyard at Moorooduc in upper Mornington, planted to a splendid north facing slope which captures the maximum warmth of sunshine each day. Refreshed after nightfall by the invigorating maritime winds off Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay, it's a place of exceptional winegrowing. Populated by ten unique Burgundy clones, this very special block of vine grew the only Pinot Noir ever to claim our nation's highest accolade for great red wines, the Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy. The property continues to yield limited releases of outstanding vintages, it's a place of exacting viticulture and uncompromising pursuit of excellence, cherished by cognoscenti and.. The burgundy clones of mornington»

Jacobs Creek Sparkling Moscato CONFIRM VINTAGE

Jacobs Creek are well positioned to produce the most luscious and fashionable sparkling Muscat wines. The trick is to keep the flavour and characters of the wine as close as possible to the qualities of fruit in the vineyard. The ultimate achievement in a petulant Muscat wine, deliciously fruity and decidedly refreshing, displaying attractive delicate summer fruit flavours with a light, fresh taste. Innately suited to all festive occasions or quite nights at home, so easy to prepare and always eager to please. Simply chill and enjoy with friends.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
The mission for Jacobs Creek is to improve the quality of wines with each passing vintage. They know their vineyards well and keep an eye on the progress of the fruit as the growing season turns from veraison to ripening and onto vintage. Grapes are harvested early in the vintage, throughout the cool of night, when they have achieved the ideal varietal flavours, the right amount of fruit sugars and high natural acidity. Each batch is gently pressed to retain pristine qualities in the juice, inoculated and vinified separately in temperature controlled tanks to retain the vitality of fresh Moscato grapes. A secondary fermentation adds subtle, creamy complexity, giving the wine its attractive fine gas bead and mousse. Approx 9.0%
Pale straw colour with a light bead. Fresh, delicate tropical aromas with undertones of pear and peach followed by hints of honeysuckle blossom. A light and refreshing palate with tropical flavours. The wine marries subtle pear notes with a touch of melon leading to a zesty sparkling finish.
Jacobs Creek
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Jacobs Creek
The history of Jacob's Creek begins with the earliest settlement of South Australia

Colonel William Light, who surveyed the city of Adelaide in 1836, made his way northeast to the Barossa Valley, which he named after an English victory in the south of Spain during the recent Napoleonic Wars. Later, when William Jacob surveyed the Barossa in 1839, he and his brother John took up land in the Hundred of Moorooroo; a word derived from the aboriginal meeting of two waters The two waters involved were the North Para River and a creek, which fed into it. The creek was later named Jacob’s Creek after William Jacob. Today, the Jacob brothers small cottages still stand, overlooking Jacob's Creek.

Jacobs Creek

In 1846 a German immigrant, Johann Gramp, purchased land further up stream. A year later he planted the Barossa Valley's first commercial vineyard, on the banks of Jacob's Creek. At the original site by the creek, which meanders through the folds of the Barossa Ranges, Johann Gramp's cellar still stands, preserving the heritage of Australia's most enduring wine enterprise.

A major catalyst for this success came in 1976, with the introduction of a striking Shiraz Cabernet Malbec from the 1973 vintage. It was named after the site of Johann Gramp's first vineyard on the banks of Jacobs Creek. The first name in the Barossa and the Orlando company's founding winemaker, the Gramps range embodies Orlando's Barossa origins and heritage.

Today, the mission for Jacobs Creek is simply to improve the quality of wines with each passing vintage. Jacob Creek's viticulturists foster best practice at every step, from the selection of the best clonal planting material to the delivery of mature grapes at harvest. Through the ongoing management of water distribution, nutrition of the vines, canopy management to protect the berries, to control of pests and microclimatic conditions, the entire team are dedicated and professional.

Jacobs Creek

The focus is to produce and preserve the maximum amounts of varietal flavours with an appropriate balance of natural sugars and acidity that best suit the Jacobs Creek wine styles. This has to be achieved in an environmentally sustainable manner. The Jacobs Creek nursery has supplied vines multiple vineyard developments and contracted growers throughout Australia. These vineyards in turn have produced high quality grapes, and ultimately the best wine.

Jacob's Creek has been the most popular brand in Australia, as well as Australia's leading export brand for more than a decade, widely recognised as spearheading the country's export growth. Jacobs Creek Orlando was rewarded for its international success in 1993, named Australian Exporter of the Year - a title strongly contested by companies from all industries. More than 80% of Jacob's Creek is now enjoyed in over 60 countries around the world - making it Australia's most popular wine and Australia's Top Drop. Jacob's Creek's fresh, easy drinking style and excellent quality has been extremely popular in both Australia, and around the world. An ongoing commitment to quality has resulted in Jacob's Creek being a regular winner at wine shows in Australia and overseas. Over the years, Jacob's Creek has been awarded over a thousand medals in wine shows globally.

In 1994, Jacob's Creek was honoured with one of the Australian Wine Industry's most prestigious prizes - the Maurice O'Shea Award. It was the first time the award had gone to a wine rather than a person and paid tribute to the enormous contribution Jacob's Creek has made to Australian wine exports. Today you can still walk the historic vineyard site, marvel at the magnificent River Red Gums that line the waterway, inspect Johann Gramps original cellar and feel a real sense of place and soul for Jacobs Creek.

Jacobs Creek