Katlenburger Strawberry Sparkling CONFIRM VINTAGE

And how popular are we! A Sparkling Strawberry Cuvée fashioned for perfect celebrations and lively surrounds. An enticing wine made through a complex blend of fresh strawberry juices, chilled to perfection, effervescent and aromatic, the first choice for pure drinking fun. Katlenburger gives us that certain tingling feeling we all know and love, enhanced, made even more exciting with everyone's favourite strawberry. Enrich your friends summery evenings and relaxed long lazy lunches, by proposing that toast with Katlenburger Sparkling Strawberry!
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Beautifully bright, delightful effervescence, creamy pink mousse. Katlenburger crackles and tingles as the tiny bubbles pop and fizz. Luscious nose, lemon, vanilla and red jujubes. From the first mouthful of this excitingly decadent wine come flavours of bright berries and summer fruit, citrus and ripe pawpaw, a seamless texture, the creaminess of pink strawberry mousse.
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