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Boutique winemaking affords great advantages, every vine can be uniquely husbanded, quality control is maximised, each barrel can be individually sampled and assembled into the perfect cuvee. Engineering types are innately suited to such viticulture. Colin Best embarked upon his sabbatical to the great vineyards of Burgundy's Cote d'Or. He returned to plant Pinot Noir on a craggy half hectare near Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills. An ancient masonry wool mill was outfitted for winemaking and Leabrook Estate was born. This is an aesthetic range of meticulously crafted, limited vintages, fashioned for the aficianado of bespoke, small batch, little vineyard wines... The lobethal libations of leabrook»

Laphroaig Triple Wood Islay Malt 750ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

Scotch Whisky
Laphroaig distillery has been an integral part of Islay's community for two centuries. While the full history of Laphroaig has been lost in the anals of time, folklore recounts a period of Irish settlement and distillation which was handed down to the locals. The earliest Islay Malts to be recorded were made in illegal pot stills and the small independent distillers were bootleggers. Through their isolation from the mainland and a rare combination of local ingredients, they refined a unique style which is recognized around the world as the distinctive Isle of Islay Malt.
Islay's history is a timeline which can be traced back to ancient communities. The granite hills behind Laphroaig are strewn with neolithic standing stones which were used to predict the seasons. The Johnston family established a farm here circa 1800 and contracted the Messrs Charles and Willie Doig to work on their distillery. By 1815, the success and reputation Laphroaig's exceptional quality of Malt had spread to Whitehall and the tax man had become alerted. Johnston & Johnston was founded in an attempt to legitimize the business and the legend of Laphroaig as a branded Islay Malt was born. The traditional distillation, ancient skill and absolute dedication to quality remains intact well into the 21st century.
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