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Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Sauternes France
The most famous and prestigious sweet white wine in the world, vines of the Appellation Sauternes Controlee are stimulated by a unique microclime during autumn, as sunny dry weather of the day alternates with cool fog at night. Due to the extremely low yields of two to three glasses per vine, Sauternes are extraordinarily complex and intense. Offering a wide range of spell binding perfume and flavours, Sauterne develops as it ages, unravelling immensely attractive layers of honeyed characters, toasted nuts and candied fruits.
Available in cases of 6
Case of 6
Stunning gold appearance. The initial impression on the bouquet is of honey and caramelled fruit, enticing aromas of lime blossoms, quinces, figs and toast, going on to unravel layers of complexity as the wine continues to evolve in the glass. Sauternes cannot be made without the help of the providential fungus Botrytis Cinerea or Noble Rot, which concentrates juices and infuses the wine with infinite complexity.
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