Lindauer Sparkling Brut CONFIRM VINTAGE

Chardonnay Pinot Noir Chenin Blanc Marlborough Gisborne Hawkes New Zealand
A prominent NZ dry style sparkling wine which can be served as aperitif or alongside cuisine, Lindauer is not completely dry, but close enough to be refreshing. It offers aromas of hot baked brioche and light fresh fruit to lay aside its brightly foaming texture. Full on the palate with a pleasant, steady mousse and elegant aroma, yeasty and toasty from prolonged bottle maturation on lees, crisp, complex and well balanced, with a full flavour and lasting finish, cool and delicious, this is the epitome of celebratory wine.
The cuvee stays on lees an average of 15 months and when the cuvee is considered to have aged on lees sufficiently, the yeast is removed and the wine sweetened. The blended base cuvee has sugar and yeast added and is then bottled. The bottles are laid on their sides in bins, inside temperature controlled cellars to undergo a secondary fermentation in the bottle. The fermentation lasts six to eight weeks, during which time the sugar is converted to alcohol and CO2. The CO2 pressurises the bottle and gives Lindauer her bubbles.
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