Franciacorta Liquore Lemonel Limoncello 500ml

Limoncello is a liquor emblematic of Italian tradition, fashioned from fine ingredients, ripened under the hot Mediterranean sun and masterly crafted following traditions which have been passed down for many generations. Prepared to an age old recipe, an infusion of lemon peel from Sicilian lemons, alcohol and sugar syrup. One of the most satisfying liquors in the Mediterranean tradition, digestive following a meal, diluted with water and enjoyed chilled straight from the freezer, Lemonel Limoncello is an excellent thirst quencher.
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Strong scent of just sliced ripe lemons is almost thrilling in its freshness and keen tartness. The palate entry is squeky tart, rind-like, and refreshing, the mid-palate zesty, tangy flavors of bitter lemon and lemon drop candy. Concludes tart, lean, and lovely. One of the better lemon liqueurs out there, Highly Recommended!" -Spirit Journal
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