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    Hoddles Creek was planned and developed from day one, with a view to crafting an artful range of superlative Yarra Valley wines. The most arduous aspects were planted, because they offered the best promise of outstanding quality fruit. Chilly mornings, vivid afternoon sun and extended ripening, profound vintages of intensely ripened berries. From four superior rows of Pinot Noir on the Hoddles Creek property at Gembrook. Rows 22 to 26 always yield something spectacular with each new vintage, the mix of Burgundian and new world clones are hand picked and separately vinified for release as an exquisite limited edition, only made in the finest vintage years... For partisans most particular about pinot»

    Louis Roederer Vintage Rose CONFIRM VINTAGE

    French Champagnes Reims France
    The cuvées of Louis Roederer are the fruit of patient work, a collaboration between France's finest growers and most accomplished winemakers. A realization of the quest for perfect balance, selfless generosity, measured indulgence and pristine elegance. Two thirds Cumières Pinot Noir, grown to the southerly slopes along River Marne, the balance in Côte des Blancs Chardonnay, aged an extravagant four years in own bottle on sedimentery yeast lees, a fifth is treated to a course of oak maturation for complexity and palate depth.
    Available in cartons of six
    Case of 6
    Refined bead, marvelous rose pink mousse. Fruity aromas of wild red berries and floral notes, zest and dried fruit, cocoa of time spent in oak tuns. Rich and full bodied throughout, articulates the splendour of terroir and excellence of vintage, freshness on the palate, oriental spices and turkish delights, the dominance and masculinity of Marne Pinot Noir, the minerality and refinement of Côte des Blancs Chardonnay.
    Louis Roederer
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