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Old Richmond Gaol was one of Diemen Land's first prisons, built by the convicts themselves, of good old fashioned granite blocks, laboriously hauled in wooden hand carts and quarried from the ominously monikered Butchers Hill. Today, Butchers Hill is the site of the steepest sloping vineyard in Coal River Valley, invigorated by afternoon sea breezes and prevailing winds from the roaring forties, its highly auspicious, self mulching black Vertosols, yield extraordinary wines. Established by founding members of the Hobart Beefsteak & Burgundy Club, Butchers Hill represents three generations of passion amongst the nether vineyards of the Apple Isle. Not just a purveyor of pretty Pinot Noir, Pooley Estate have achieved status as Tasmania’s first and only, fully accredited Environmentally Certified Sustainable Vineyard,.. Princely parcels of pooley»
The family Hentschke have been Barossa farming since 1842, they know from good soils and settle on nothing but the finest land. Keith Hentschke chose a special site along Greenock Creek, at the intersection of Gerald Roberts and Jenke Roads, near the ancient winegrowing hamlet of Seppeltsfield to plant vines in the early 1990s. They now yield vintages of the most amazing intensity, saturated with the essence of grand Barossa Shiraz, an international wine industry favourite and a sagacious selection this.. Savour a sip of seppeltsfield»
Dr Frederick Kiel would take the trek by paddle steamer from Melbourne every summer during the late 1800s to spend his summers at Sorrento. His children established a grazing station nearby, on a property acquired from the Baillieu family along Portsea Ocean Beach, ultimately planted to vineyards in 2000. These are the most extreme western longitudes of Mornington, the undulating paddocks and sweeping views of tempestuous Bass Strait are a magical place for growing Burgundesque styles of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, well protected north facing parcels of propitious free draining limestone and calcareous sands. The windswept maritime vineyards of little Portsea Estate yield the quality of Mornington that have to be experienced... Mornington's westernmost vineyards»

Lustau Dry Amontillado Los Arcos CONFIRM VINTAGE

Palomino Fino Jerez Spain
Classic Amontillado, having undergone years of racking and cellaring to attain the electrifying dry to medium sweet flavours. Amber coloured, exquisitely balanced and showing great character from maturity. A seriously versatile wine, which mates beautifully with any game dish or rare roasted meat, the tried and true aperitif or accompaniement to festive occasions. The traditional companion to consomme, roast game bird, foie gras or fully flavoured, robust cuisine. A finer Amontillado would be hard to find.
Available in cartons of six
Case of 6
The secret of Lustau lies in its ageing and blending. This very special old Sherry consists of many different wines taken from butts containing wines of different ages. The work of blending is an art, practised by the winemakers who use all their five senses, but especially the sense of smell. In the laboratory, small quantities of wines from different butts are blended, before an amount of wine alcohol required to fortify the Amontillado is decided for each individual batch. Serve at a cooler room temperature. Alcohol 18.5%
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