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Moet & Chandon originally acquired the Green Point property, an old dairy farm at Coldstream along Maroondah Highway, with a vision of establishing a prestigious Australian label. Set in the verdant hills of Victoria's propitious Yarra Valley, Domain Chandon continue to over deliver, completely dedicated to the production of the finest quality, cool climate table wines. The excellence of their renowned sparklings are due in no small part to the quality of the estate's Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. A regimen of extravagant Burgundian techniques, achieve a range of superlative Yarra Valley table.. These old yarra valley vines are just getting better»
Long Standing Members of the elite Grange Growers Club, Kalleske's are one of Barossa's leading Shiraz growers, providing fruit from the most memorable vintages to Penfolds for decades. After five generations, Kalleske have begun to reserve the pick of crop for their own label, a highly limited luxury range destined for the most discerning connoisseurs and Shiraz enthusiasts in the know. Kalleske have collated parcels from distinguished vineyards in the ancient hamlets of Moppa and Greenock, Belvedere and Stonewell, Seppeltsfield, Koonunga and Ebenezer, superior old sites which have been husbanded by the same families for generations. Open top ferments, basket pressed and barrel aged, an unreal quality of Barossa Shiraz at the.. Superior value in old village barossa shiraz»
Airline pilots make surprisingly good wine. Their appreciation of the sciences, a respect for the weather and a bird's eye view of the land, all invaluable to the winemaker's art. John Ellis would take every opportune weekend away from his regular New York Paris route, to pursue a passion for viticulture. He planted the first commercial Cabernet Merlot vines in the Hamptons and found time between trans atlantic flights to work vintages amongst the Grand Cru vineyards of La Bourgogne. Ellis ultimately made the great lifelong sea change in favour of our land downunder. He settled on a farmstead outside Leongatha, amongst the slow ripening pastures of Gippsland and established a vineyard called Bellvale. It is now a place of fully mature vines and old world Burgundian techniques, sur lie et sauvage, barrel ferments and.. Placing pinot amongst the pastures»

Lustau Dry Amontillado Los Arcos CONFIRM VINTAGE

Palomino Fino Jerez Spain
Classic Amontillado, having undergone years of racking and cellaring to attain the electrifying dry to medium sweet flavours. Amber coloured, exquisitely balanced and showing great character from maturity. A seriously versatile wine, which mates beautifully with any game dish or rare roasted meat, the tried and true aperitif or accompaniement to festive occasions. The traditional companion to consomme, roast game bird, foie gras or fully flavoured, robust cuisine. A finer Amontillado would be hard to find.
Available in cartons of six
Case of 6
The secret of Lustau lies in its ageing and blending. This very special old Sherry consists of many different wines taken from butts containing wines of different ages. The work of blending is an art, practised by the winemakers who use all their five senses, but especially the sense of smell. In the laboratory, small quantities of wines from different butts are blended, before an amount of wine alcohol required to fortify the Amontillado is decided for each individual batch. Serve at a cooler room temperature. Alcohol 18.5%
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