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Established 1853 by George Friedrich Schmidt, who acquired eighteen choice hectares of viticulture at Tanunda along Siegersdorf Road, for the peppercorn price of a pound per acre, Haan endures as one of the Barossa's quietly achieving, arcane old vineyards. Distinguished in the 21st century by a streak of prestigious industry accolades, Australian Wine Producer of Year, Gold Medal and Trophy for Best Blended Red at the illustrious London International Wine & Spirit Competition. Much of Haan's modest production is always retained by the softly spoken estate's most ardent enthusiasts. Shrewd aspirants will also seize the opportunity to retain a case or two of the heirloom vineyard's most recent vintage. A graceful style of opaque fruit characters, savoury and brooding, inebriating for its redolence of Barossa earth,.. Tanunda tradition»
Unico Zelo are an old world style of winemaking co-operative, a congress of Adelaide Hills family growers who take their work seriously, to ensure that their harvests are fashioned into a range of exquisite, artisanally crafted limited edition wines. Italian varietals are the specialty, a class of grapes which grow magnificently within the premier precincts of Adelaide Hills, eco friendly to local flora and fauna, they bloom wonderfully in the parched, unirrigated mesoclimes of native Australia. Made to measure for enthusiasts of the small batch Adelaide Hills style, aficianados of Italianate chic and gourmands at large, the wines of Unico Zelo raise the fruit of dedicated growers to stellar heights, worthy of accompanying the most splendid fare... The adelaide collective of veteran vignerons»
The Australian winemaking industry is grateful to Leontine O'Shea, instrumental in the establishment of Mount Pleasant wines, she sent her son Maurice to France for an education in viticulture right at the outbreak of World War I, gifting him his first Hunter Valley vineyard in 1921. Mount Pleasant are now custodians of some grand old sites, a canon of small, elite blocks of vine that yield a precious range of icon wines, which represent peerless value and readily disappear before release of the following vintage... The legacy of grand old hunter valley vineyards»

Lustau Dry Amontillado Los Arcos CONFIRM VINTAGE

Palomino Fino Jerez Spain
Classic Amontillado, having undergone years of racking and cellaring to attain the electrifying dry to medium sweet flavours. Amber coloured, exquisitely balanced and showing great character from maturity. A seriously versatile wine, which mates beautifully with any game dish or rare roasted meat, the tried and true aperitif or accompaniement to festive occasions. The traditional companion to consomme, roast game bird, foie gras or fully flavoured, robust cuisine. A finer Amontillado would be hard to find.
Available in cartons of six
Case of 6
The secret of Lustau lies in its ageing and blending. This very special old Sherry consists of many different wines taken from butts containing wines of different ages. The work of blending is an art, practised by the winemakers who use all their five senses, but especially the sense of smell. In the laboratory, small quantities of wines from different butts are blended, before an amount of wine alcohol required to fortify the Amontillado is decided for each individual batch. Serve at a cooler room temperature. Alcohol 18.5%
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