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Andrew Nugent grew up next door to the great historical wineworks at Penfolds Magill. He honed his craft as viticulturalist and vigneron amongst the illustrious wineries of old McLaren Vale. In the 1990s, Nugent planted new vines at Woodside along Bird In Hand Road, on the site of an ancient gold mine, a godsend of fortuitously fertile soils and magnificent mesoclimes for stellar quality Adelaide Hills wine. Bird In Hand have since amassed a breathtaking tally of international accolades for the unrivalled excellence of their superlative vintages, wonderfully small batch releases, with the magnificence of structure, seamlessness and immaculacy of fruit, to enthuse curio and cognescenti alike... Vivid vintages from the tailings of adelaide hills»
Returned servicemen from the Great War could look forward to government grants of pastoral freehold. West Australia's Willyabrup Valley was such a place, just a short walk from the balmy beaches of Indian Ocean, it offered the veterans excellent potential for agriculture. The fertile lands of Sussex Vale were originally established to animal husbandry by the discharged troopers, generations of livestock enriched the soils and it was astutely sown to vines in 1973. Fortuitously placed at the very heart of the Australian west's most illustrious estates, it continued to occupy the thoughts of neighbouring Howard Park's chief winemaker, until he acquired the property and relaunched a softly spoken range of the most exquisite wines. Aspirants of the blue blooded styles from Margaret River will be delighted, redolent reds.. A better block on hay shed hill»
Josef Chromy OAM escaped from war torn Czechoslovakia as a penniless 19 year old in 1950, he fled across minefields, evading soldiers and killer dogs, ultimately finding a new home in the lucky country. Chromy has been a long standing principal in the Tasmanian food and wine industry, he established Tasmania's leading brands, including Bay of Fires, Jansz, Heemskerk and Tamar Ridge. At 76 years young, he launched his namesake label, planting one of the apple isle's most stately vineyards and gazetting Tasmania's most compellingly stylish range of wines. Chromy's sensational vintages are as conspicuous for the uniqueness of their character as they are for their sublime and articulate charm. They divide the industry press and excite all adherents of engaging, eloquent & decidedly provocative Tasmanian.. Tasty treats from the apple isle»

Lustau Dry Amontillado Los Arcos CONFIRM VINTAGE

Palomino Fino Jerez Spain
Classic Amontillado, having undergone years of racking and cellaring to attain the electrifying dry to medium sweet flavours. Amber coloured, exquisitely balanced and showing great character from maturity. A seriously versatile wine, which mates beautifully with any game dish or rare roasted meat, the tried and true aperitif or accompaniement to festive occasions. The traditional companion to consomme, roast game bird, foie gras or fully flavoured, robust cuisine. A finer Amontillado would be hard to find.
Available in cartons of six
Case of 6
The secret of Lustau lies in its ageing and blending. This very special old Sherry consists of many different wines taken from butts containing wines of different ages. The work of blending is an art, practised by the winemakers who use all their five senses, but especially the sense of smell. In the laboratory, small quantities of wines from different butts are blended, before an amount of wine alcohol required to fortify the Amontillado is decided for each individual batch. Serve at a cooler room temperature. Alcohol 18.5%
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