McWilliams Show Reserve 25 Years Topaque 500ml CONFIRM VINTAGE

Frontignac Riverina New South Wales
Muscadelle are luscious and fruity in their delinquent youth, fortified with Brandy however and aged for a quarter century in old French oak casks, they evolve into a jewel of a wine that's worthy of the most wanton indulgence. Only the finest parcels can be earmarked for inclusion into the timeless Topaque Show Reserve style, only the best stocks will survive the final cull. Intensified in flavour over the course of decades, as barrels are topped up annually to atone for the angels share, the final word in complex, toothsome elixirs and opaque palate richness.
Available in cases of 6
Case of 6
One of McWilliam's great contributions to the atlas of wine, is a heritage of very old vineyards which are source of the most revered Tokay in the new world. Muscadelle is harvested at approximately 16° Baume, grapes are crushed and destemmed, pumped into open fermenters and held at 10°C for a day. Parcels are vinified on skins for optimal extraction of luscious Muscadelle flavours, batches are drained, pressed and fortified with neutral Brandy, retaining a measure of natural fruit sweetness. Upon completion, batches are settled and racked, stabilised and filtered into a collection of well seasoned French oak barrels for up to thirty years. Alcohol 18.5%
Deep amber brown, olive hues. Lifted malt notes, toffee and rancio nuttiness, golden syrup and tea leaf. A huge mouthfilling, luscious palate with complex flavours of malt, toffees and nut. Sweet brown spices and festive pudding, its palate richness is accompanied by balanced acidity and charming alcohol warmth, before a long, lingering moreish finish.
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