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Moet & Chandon are fashioned by a team of some ten oenologists, each with complementary experience acquired in a range of wine growing regions around the world. The driving forces behind the team are its shared expertise, its combined sensitivities and its ongoing commitment to keeping abreast with trends, in particular through travelling and meeting with fellow wine experts. The Chef de Cave, who leads the team, must ensure one all important objective is achieved, to craft the world's most complete, well rounded and radiant wines.
A complete assemblage of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier. The tradition of Moët dates back to the family's entry into French nobility 1446. Descendant wine trader Claude Moët founded the Maison Moët in Champagne 1743. His grandson, Jean Remy Moët, who was a visionary with a pioneering spirit, transformed this trading company into the world's leading luxury brand which, for over two and a half centuries now, has been the veritable embodiment, around the world, of the genius of champagne. Today, the quality of the wines gives full expression to the richness and diversity of the fabulous vineyards, the largest and most prestigious estate of Champagne, made up almost exclusively of Premier and Grands Crus.
The most remarkable effervescence. Aromas of nashi, cashew and candied fruits lead to floral expressions, almond, honey and toast. On the palate, there is impeccable balance between aged characters and the natural fruit of the assemblage, peach from the Chardonnay, cherry and currant of the Pinot. There is notable intensity and depth, warming brioche and chilled pear, a joyous wine with a generous personality.
Moet Chandon
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