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An illustrious vineyard winery of great historical import, the Kay Brothers Amery property is planted to sacred vines which can be traced back to cuttings transplanted from the original Hardy site at Tintara. Holding pride of place as one of Mclaren Vale's first commercial vineyards, the winemaking practices at Kay Brothers have remained largely unchanged since establishment in the nineteenth century. An ancient basket press, painted bright red, is still employed to gently crush grapes in the traditional old world way. The exquisite Kay Brothers range remains one of the most sensational values in superior vintages of new world wine, the fruit of distinguished old vines, family operated since establishment, an essential experience for every enthusiast of the timeless and enduring Aussie Claret style... The essence & excellence of old mclaren vale vines»
Long Standing Members of the elite Grange Growers Club, Kalleske's are one of Barossa's leading Shiraz growers, providing fruit from the most memorable vintages to Penfolds for decades. After five generations, Kalleske have begun to reserve the pick of crop for their own label, a highly limited luxury range destined for the most discerning connoisseurs and Shiraz enthusiasts in the know. Kalleske have collated parcels from distinguished vineyards in the ancient hamlets of Moppa and Greenock, Belvedere and Stonewell, Seppeltsfield, Koonunga and Ebenezer, superior old sites which have been husbanded by the same families for generations. Open top ferments, basket pressed and barrel aged, an unreal quality of Barossa Shiraz at the.. Superior value in old village barossa shiraz»

Moet Chandon Piccolo Brut Imperial 200ml CONFIRM VINTAGE

Chardonnay Pinot Noir Pinot Meunier Champagne Epernay France
The Holy Trinity of Champagne varietals, from the Great Crus of Champagne in miniature. Moët et Chandon is most notable for its remarkable balance built on intensity and depth. Even in piccolo, Moet Chandon is generous and handsomely flavoured with it's characteristic multi dimensional bouquets and intense creaminess on the palate. The elegant flavours and sublime aromas of this most sought after of Champagnes are tender, warm and long lasting with hints of buttery brioche, ripe pears, almond essence and citrus highlights.
Available in cartons of 24
Case of 24
In 1446, Jean and Nicolas Moët were made nobles by King Charles VII, thus was born the famous dynasty that later was to give its name to the greatest chapter in the history of champagne. In 1743 one of the descendants of the Moët brothers Claude Moët, who had been a wine trader in Epernay since the early 18th century, founded the Maison Moët. His grandson, Jean Remy Moët, who was a visionary with a pioneering spirit, transformed this trading company into the world's leading luxury brand which, for over two and a half centuries now, has been the veritable embodiment, around the world, of the genius of Champagne.
Bright citrus in colour with straw gold tinge. Bouquets are florid, impressively vital with nuances of soft spice and elegant dessert cakes. An immensely satisfying palate that shows great complex flavours of ripe stonefruits, white berries, white chocolate and subdued vanillan. Toasted nuts, fruit flesh, silky and sublime, the intriguing palate of this exceptional wine culminates in a glorious and unforgettable finish.
Moet Chandon
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1 - 7 of 7
Moet Chandon
For over two centuries the House of Moet & Chandon has been growing it's vines in the Champagne region

Moet & Chandon is forever seeking to harness the riches of the unique terroir of Champagne and thus produce truly outstanding wines. In 1927, through the influence of Moet & Chandon, the Champagne vineyard was awarded an Appellation d'Origine, which subsequently became one of the first ever AOCs in 1935.

Moet Chandon

The history of vines in Champagne is inseparably linked to the deep chalk soil. It retains heat from the sun and moisture from the rain which it relases gradually, acting as a natural regulator. The symbiosis of grape and climate continues as the wine matures in the maze of the centuries-old chalky cellars.

The grape varieties grown are eminently suited to the climate and soil, and reflect the unique growing conditions. Chardonnay gives the blend freshness, elegance, finesse and vivacity. Pinot Noir provides fruitiness, body, strength and persistence. Pinot Meunier offers roundness and bouquet which admirably complement the other two.

Mild Atlantic breezes alternate with continental rigours. The Champagne vineyards, the most northerly in France, are regularly threatened by storms, hail and late frosts. The grapes mature slowly in this climate and by transcending these factors, the wonder of champagne is born.

Moet Chandon

All great wines are the product of the perfect union of soil and climate. But in Champagne, the human factor is more vital than in any other winegrowing area. Over the course of the centuries, Moet & Chandon winegrowers have held their own in the face of tumultuous historic events and the whims of nature. They have fashioned the soil and vines into exemplary vineyards. Moet & Chandon scientists and oenologists are at the leading edge of viticultural research.

Moet & Chandon wines are produced by a team of some ten oenologists, each with complementary experience acquired in a range of wine-growing regions around the world. The driving forces behind the team are its shared expertise, its combined sensitivities and its ongoing commitment to keeping abreast with trends, in particular through travelling and meeting with fellow wine experts.

Indeed, it is this guiding aim which determines the oenologists' decisions on which, in turn, the wine's final shape will depend.

The assemblage or blend of grape varieties is critical in determining the champagne's distinctive style. It is largely during this phase of the production process that a unifying character emerges, the complete, well-rounded and radiant personality which distinguishes all of Moet & Chandon's wines. The range from which the team can choose includes over 150 crus from the house's own vineyard as well grapes purchased from other wine growers. The three Champagne varieties, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay, continue to be the wine's mainstays, offering their complementary features and specific synergies.

Moet Chandon