Old Pulteney Huddart Malt Whisky 700ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

Scotch Whisky
Since 1826, the Pulteney Distillery has crafted a Single Malt Scotch Whisky that is the very essence of its remarkable location. In the far north of Scotland, by Wick's historic harbour, a quietly maturing spirit lies in hand selected oak casks, slowly infusing the unique character of this stunning landscape and its long seafaring history. Old Pulteney is the embodiment of tradition, people and place. Matured in hand selected, air dried oak casks which have previously held Bourbon, the distinguished Old Pulteney is the definitive expression of Maritime Malt.
Founded in 1826 by James Henderson, the Pulteney Distillery is the most northerly on the British mainland. It's unique nature includes pot stills that defy convention. The wash still, lacking a swan neck, fascinates visitors. Legend says that on delivery it was too tall for the still house and the top was simply cut off. To reflect these ancient stills, the Old Pulteney bottle incorporates a bulbous neck. Crafted to ancient techniques, this winner of numerous gold medals is the epitome of refinement. Traditional craftsmanship and the distillery's wind swept location give life to the highly awarded and distinguished Old Pulteney Single Malt
Deep amber colour with slightly pink hue. A medium to high intensity bouquet, dry with a hint of sea air. Dry, medium bodied palate that's exceptionally smooth with a clean finish, lingering faintly salty with a slight spicy note
Old Pulteney
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