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Jack Mann reigns eternal as the greatest winemaker in the history of the Australian west. Jack Mann's son Tony grew up amongst the vineyards of Houghton but took a keener interest in things Cricket. He exelled at both pursuits but is best remembered as the legendary leg spinner Tony Rocket Mann. During his off seasons away from the pitch, Tony would plant parcels of vine alongside his illustruious father Jack and his own young son Robert. The fully grown Robert now makes his own wine, from fruit of the very vines sown by Jack and Tony Mann. Robert learned from his grandfather that great winemaking required a spiritual oneness with nature. The birds and the bees play a pivotal role in achieving a harvest of the most personable grapes. The ultimate quality of the ferments are decided by the character of yeasts as they populate the vine. So content is Robert Mann with the elocution of his fruit, that he chooses to barely age his wines in a selection of the mellowest seasoned oak. It's actually the Marri trees that point the way, marking out the soils by their very presence, which hold greatest promise for wine, made by Mr Mann... Whence the west was won»

Vignetti del Vulture Pipoli Zero Aglianico Del Vulture CONFIRM VINTAGE

Aglianico Basilicata Italy
Very near the bottom of the Italian boot, between the heel of Apulia and Calabrian toe, you'll find the idyllic pastorals of Basilicata, a place of tantalizing gatronomy and bountiful harvests. Planted to the ancient ferrous soils of Mount Vulture, vineyards of Aglianico yield an animated red wine of savoury succulence, fleshy fruit flavours and meaty, stealthy tannins. The Aglianico Del Vulture are renowned amongst Italians as one of the finest regional reds in the land, destined to excite all enthusiasts of exquisitely balanced, satin textured old world wines.
Aglianico del Vulture is a grape that's native to the the foot of Monte Vulture, originally brought to the region by ancient Greeks, it may very well be the oldest style of table wine. Aglianico makes big, full bodied, dry red wines with plenty of tannin and amazing affinity to good food. Grapes are all hand picked and crushed into controlled fermenters, batches are vinified through the action of wild vineyard and ambient winery yeasts, macerated and held on skins over an extended term of forty days and nights for optimal extraction of tannins. Upon completion, parcels are filled to a selection of well seasoned oak for a judicious course of maturation, aimed at taming the tannins while preserving elegance of fruit.
Scarlet red robes. Morello cherries, dark olive and bay leaf nose, plums, meatyness and almond toast. A sensational palate of fawning tannins, wine jube flavours and piquancy of spice. Juicy plums and black bramble berries, sen sen, carob and coke, the richness and generosity make Pipoli the wine of choice for rich meats such as crackling pork, garlic game and lamb.
Vignetti del Vulture
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