Black Friars Plymouth Original English Gin 700ml

Plymouth claimed a breathtaking selection of awards at the International Wine and Spirits Comp twice in a row. The medals rolled in for Plymouth, as all her Gins won Medals or high Seals of Approval, sweeping the general award category for superb taste and quality. The Plymouth recipe calls on sweet orange peel, as opposed to bitter orange, which adds a delightful freshness and sweetness. Both the orange and lemon peels chosen have to be very rich in essential oils, the best come from Spain. The Juniper is less pronounced in Plymouth than other Gins.
Plymouth search throughout the low countries of Europe each year to find the very best Angelica. Angelica adds the dryness to Plymouth Gin and is one of the two roots which make up the earthy end notes for which Plymouth is so renowned. Cardamom pods are selected from the Far East for their strong flavour. A unique spice to Plymouth Gin, they add a warm, spicy, aromatic flavour.
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