Plymouth Sloe Gin 700ml

Plymouth have taken the premium awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, winning a Double Gold Medal International Gin category, Best of Show in the gin category and the coveted Best of Show for overall white spirit with its unique smooth taste. In Plymouth you'll find the lemon and orange peels add a crisp, refreshing smell and taste. They give Plymouth its initial citrus bouquet and flavoursome taste while enhancing its dryness. Orris root is the binder of the sensational flavours in Plymouth, it gives Plymouth Gin its heart.
The finest root orris comes from Italy. It adds a sweet earthiness to Plymouth Gin and helps to bind the other flavours. This makes the nose of Plymouth last longer, both in the bottle and once in a glass. The aromatic coriander seeds in Plymouth Gin are often selected from Russia, Eastern Europe and Morocco. Coriander seeds add to the orangey nose and introduce a peppery note.
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