Puni Alba Italian Single Malt Whisky 700ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

Scotch Whisky
Alba means early dawn in Italian, it is also a reference to the land of Scots in the language of the Picts. The Masters at Puni employ an investiture of artisanaly crafted, traditional Scottish Pot Stills, to achieve an exceptional highland Malt which has claimed conspicuous international accolades at the world's most prestigious Spirit competitions. The inaugural Batch #1 is matured three years in seasoned Marsala barrels, followed by a term in pre loved Islay Malt cask, its dark fruit richness and tradewind clove are underpinned by whisps of smoky, malty peat.
The Puni Whiskyworks take their name from a pristine mountain stream which flows down from the Tyrolean highlands. Puni's traditional Copper Pot Stills were tinkered by hand at Forsyth's in Rothes Scotland, their beautiful copper edifice are the very heart of the Distillery. They were fired up for the first time in February 2012 for the creation of Puni's inaugural Malt and Italy's only highland Whisky. Alba Malt is double Distilled to 70%, before being treated to an inclusion of the purest Vinschgau Valley mountain spring water to a cask strength of 60%, followed by transfer to a selection of pre loved Sicilian Marsala barrels and Islay Whisky oak for three years maturation.
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