Puni Nova Italian Single Malt Whisky 700ml

Scotch Whisky
Renowned since the days of Roman conquest for the peerless excellence of its harvest, Vinschgau Valley in the Italian Alps is also a source of crystal clear mountain spring water. A bespoke recipe of rye, wheat and barley are mashed into a single exquisite Malt, articulate of its provenance and unlike any other Whisky in the world. The inaugural Batch #1 release of Pini Malt, Nova is aged three years in a selection of the finest European and American oak, its delicacy and understated elegance are defined by fruit filled notes of honey, banana, vanilla sweetness.
Puni Malt begins with clear mountain spring water, the choicest Vinschgau Valley grain and undisclosed yeasts. A traditional Whisky making process means grinding to a grist, mashing and open ferments to a wash in large open casks of Tyrolean larch. The freshly made beer is pumped into a sequence of hand made brewing pots for a course of Distillations. Pini employ several types of seasoned oak for maturation, Bourbon barrels from America, Marsala casks from Sicily, wine casks from warmer climes in southern Tyrol and Whisky casks from Scotland. Pini age their stocks in old military bunkers, perfect places for maturing Malt, deep caverns with a constant high humidity level and low, stable temperatures.
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