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Returned servicemen from the Great War could look forward to government grants of pastoral freehold. West Australia's Willyabrup Valley was such a place, just a short walk from the balmy beaches of Indian Ocean, it offered the veterans excellent potential for agriculture. The fertile lands of Sussex Vale were originally established to animal husbandry by the discharged troopers, generations of livestock enriched the soils and it was astutely sown to vines in 1973. Fortuitously placed at the very heart of the Australian west's most illustrious estates, it continued to occupy the thoughts of neighbouring Howard Park's chief winemaker, until he acquired the property and relaunched a softly spoken range of the most exquisite wines. Aspirants of the blue blooded styles from Margaret River.. A better block on hay shed hill»
Established 1908, Redman's Coonawarra are still made by the Redman brothers from fruit grown to the original family parcels. The tradition began 1901 when Bill Redman, at the tender age of fourteen, made the journey to take up an apprenticeship at the John Riddoch wineworks and to labour amongst Coonawarra's founding vineyards. Bill Redman's earliest vintages were sold off to other companies but it was not until 1952 that the Redman family released their own wines under the moniker Rouge Homme. Redman was finally branded under its own label in 1966, it remains one of the most enduring marques in Coonawarra. Husbanded by the 4th generation, parcels from the 1966 vines are assembled into the estate flagship The Redman... The velvet virtue of old coonawarra vines»

Sandalford Margaret River Classic Dry White CONFIRM VINTAGE

Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Margaret River Western Australia
Sandalford is designed to be fully fruit driven, completely Margaret River, refreshingly unoaked, classic and dry. The winemaking story goes back, way back to the 1840s as the second land title in all of Western Australia. In 1972 Sandalford broke out of their Swan Valley environs and established an estate vineyard along Margaret River, today it is one of the oldest and most salubrious. The exclusively free run juices of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc are treated to a cool ferment on low solids, achieving an articulate expression of the enduring Classic Dry White.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
The Sandalford team train their vines to yield Semillon and Sauvignon that's perfectly ripened and disease free, achieving marvelous sugar/ acid profiles. Viticulture is state of the art and only the vagaries of the growing season are left to chance, the quality of fruit from each vintage is second to none. Canopy management is either vertical shoot positioned or modified ballerina. Harvested throughout the cool of night and early morning, fruit is immediately processed, inoculated with choice strains of yeast and treated to a long, slow vinification. Ferments are stopped at the desired level of sweetness prior to the base wines being assembled, unwooded and unoaked, stabilised, filtered and bottled.
Pale lime in colour. Lovely, elegant, perfumed bouquet of fresh cape gooseberry and manage tout. A light bodied wine which is just so easy to drink. A real minerality to the palate, flavours seen on the nose translate beautifully to the palate. Acidity is perfectly judged, the wine finishes with a zesty crispness and harmonious balance.
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