Schild Estate Frontignac CONFIRM VINTAGE

Frontignac Barossa South Australia
In a return to an early style of Barossa white, Frontignac holds an enviable reputation for being generously flavoured, one of the most accessible, easy drinking varietals. The Frontignac grape shares a long history with Barossa Valley, it was one of the earliest plantings, as Lutheran settlers were very found of its generously sweet palate. Schild exhibits a forwardness of tropical fruit, balanced by tight brace of light citrus and refreshing acid on the finish. Immediately enjoyable whilst young and fresh, with a complexity that rewards as the wine evolves.
Most of the white wines made at Schild Estate are vinified without any exposure to oak, thus the fruit is harvested at the last possible moment before transport to the winery. This practice reduces the possibility of emparting harsh phenolics into the freshly pressed juice. A combination of neutral yeast selection and fermentations in temperature controlled vessels are employed to maintain the fine aromatics and depth of flavour in the Frontignac grapes. Immediately after fermentation is completed, the wines are prepared for bottling to capture the vivid fruit characters. The whole process from vineyard to bottle is completed within six weeks to retain the freshest characteristics.
Clear and bright straw hue with a fresh green tinge. Bright and intense aromas of floral and tropical fruits, intensity of the bouquet continues through to the palate. A rich, lush semi sweet mouthfeel endowed with real depth of flavour, apples and sweet grape characters are balanced by the presence of elegant, light acidity, finishing focused and long with a lingering measure of bright varietal fruit.
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