Seppeltsfield Grand Rutherglen Muscat DP63 500ml CONFIRM VINTAGE

Muscat Rutherglen Victoria
Joseph Seppelt was one of many Silesian migrants who fled persecution to settle the new colonies of Australia. He sowed vines in 1851 and had the foresight to establish a brand which endures as one of the nation's great traditions. His son was Oscar Benno, also blessed with a rare sense of vision for the future, he took the selfless initiative to lay down barrels of the finest fortified wine for a one hundred year endowment. These priceless stocks serve as a backbone for the construct of the most lusciou fortified wines, treasured by enthusiasts around the world.
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Seppeltsfield are the serendipitous custodians of a priceless collection of fortified wines spanning more than 150 years of winemaking excellence. This priceless legacy includes an inventory of ancient barrels representing Australia's peerless heritage of Muscats, Tokay and Port, without peer anywhere in the world. Seppeltsfield Grand Muscat is sourced from premium parcels of extremely ripe fruit and aged in small oak casks to create a wine of extraordinary richness. Vintage wines are aged as individual components in seasoned barrels prior to undergoing a vigorous selection program to ensure only the very best parts from the finest years are introduced into the Grand Muscat blend.
Deep, tawny brown with olive green hues. A big wet nose of warm syrup and raisin, rich and expressive with decent helpings of rancio fruit, rose petal and floral aromatics combining seamlessly, with delicate spirit and integrated small oak complexity. Caramel and spicey plum pudding flavours culminate before a long, lingering finish. The essence of Rutherglen, a luxurious experience with or without accompaniements.
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