Seppeltsfield Vera Viola Oloroso 500ml CONFIRM VINTAGE

Palomino Grenache Barossa Valley South Australia
A choice harvest of old vines Grenache, exhibiting outstanding intensity of flavour, is assembled with parcels of Palomino grapes, to create Vera Viola Oloroso, the richest and sweetest of new world style Sherry. Extended maturation through a traditional old world Solera system achieves a rich and generously proportioned, full bodied fortified wine with a delicate balance of sweet honeyed flavours, aged rancio complexity and lifted, judiciously drying finish. Vera Viola Oloroso is the winner of countless conspicuous wine show competition accolades.
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Seppeltsfield are the cautious custodians of a priceless collection of fortifieds spanning more than a century and a half of winemaking excellence. This heritage includes some amazing national treasures, a range of very old, maturing fortified wines, Australia's most diverse, unsurpassable in its reputation and for its quality. Vera Viola Oloroso is an assemblage of a number of exclusively Grenache and Palomino wines from across many vintages, matured through the ancient tradition of a Solera system for an average of eighteen years. A protective flor yeast covering is allowed to grow, which is later removed to allow components to develop profound intensity and the richest depths of flavour. Alcohol 22.0%
Deep amber brown. The nose is lifted and complex with an array of raisin fruit, dried peel, hints of leather and nutty rancio. The palate is rich and profound with initial, nutty, honeyed sweetness evolving to highlight drier rancio characters, before an extremely long, dry finish. A rich and sultry, most satisfying wine, brimming with majestic complexity, offering almost every more-ish flavour known.
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