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Some precious old blocks of ancient vine Grenache still remain after a government sponsored program to cull unproductive vineyards during the 1980s. Yielding excruciatingly small harvests of the most characterful fruit, these wizzened old veterans deliver small batch vintages which are evocative of the old world classics from Cotes du Rhone. The enduring Wirra Wirra were established 1894, their eclectic range belies the splendour of small parcels which are separately handled and bottled for exclusive release. The Absconder draws fruit from vines planted a century ago, it merits a breathing and decant, an articulation about the sublime excellence of old vine Australian Grenache... The compelling case for old vines grenache»
Johann Gottfried Scholz served in the Prussian army as a battlefield bonesetter, before joining the great emigration of Lutherans from Silesia to Barossa Valley. After building a family homestead along the alluvial banks of Para River, Gottfried established a mixed farm of livestock and crops, fruit trees and grapevines, Semillon and Shiraz. His acumen at healing fractures and setting splints made Gottfried a leading local identity, as his homestead cottage evolved into the Barossa's very first private hospital. Over a century later, the exceptional quality of harvest from Gottfried's original homestead, made the fruit of Willows Vineyard, an essential component in the most memorable vintages of Peter Lehmann, Saltram and Kaiser Stuhl. Scholz are still in charge, pruning their vines and pressing their harvests into limited releases of the finest exemplars in old world style,.. Savour the shiraz by scholz»

Skillogalee Gewurztraminer CONFIRM VINTAGE

Gewurztraminer Clare Valley South Australia
Skillogalee is blessed every year with harvests of the Clare Valley's finest Traminer, a bounty of the most outstanding quality fruit, which the dedicated team handcrafts into vintages of exquisite small batch wines. Skillogalee means classically structured Gewurztraminer, solidly built, aromatic and spicey with notes of hazel and honeysuckle, balanced between drying minerality and floral fruits. Traminer is a bliss alongside robust food, the ideal accompaniment to spiced Asian cuisine or richly flavoured white meat recipes.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Favourable climes at Skillogalee combine with those cool autumn nights which make Clare Valley such a great place to grow aromatic white grapes. Gewurztraminer is encouraged through attentive viticulture, hand pruning and close vineyard management, to realize parcels of the finest fruit. The best of traditional and modern technologies are employed during vinification, to preserve the complex aromaticness and punctuated fruit flavours of Gewurztraminer. Hygiene programs are meticulous and great focus is placed on a gentle handling throughout the winemaking process. Grapes are fermented with light grape solids present, to achieve a wine of silky textures and engaging complexity.
Light, bright straw hues. Dominated by floral, rose petal bouquets, citrus and hazelnut oil, banana and hints of nougat, spicy lychee and lime marmalade aromas. On the palate alight flavours of peaches and mango, all the requisite flavours of Traminer, oranges and passionfruit, lychees and spice. The finish is clean and crisp with plenty of refreshing, zesty acidity.
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