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Jack Mann reigns eternal as the greatest winemaker in the history of the Australian west. Jack Mann's son Tony grew up amongst the vineyards of Houghton but took a keener interest in things Cricket. He exelled at both pursuits but is best remembered as the legendary leg spinner Tony Rocket Mann. During his off seasons away from the pitch, Tony would plant parcels of vine alongside his illustruious father Jack and his own young son Robert. The fully grown Robert now makes his own wine, from fruit of the very vines sown by Jack and Tony Mann. Robert learned from his grandfather that great winemaking required a spiritual oneness with nature. The birds and the bees play a pivotal role in achieving a harvest of the most personable grapes. The ultimate quality of the ferments are decided by the character of yeasts as they populate the vine. So content is Robert Mann with the.. Whence the west was won»
Adam Marks is a chicken enthusiast. In his pursuit of the ultimate eating fowl, Marks traced a route throughout the barnyards, orchards and vineyards of La Belle France. He ultimately settled on the Harcourt Valley of greater Bendigo to establish his own agricultural concern in 2004. Succulent roasting chickens and ripe juicy apples soon gave way to a range of world class wines, which are defined by their regional eloquence, sublime excellence and bucolic grace. The Vineyard Bress is a place of pristine soils, cheerful livestock and breathtaking pastoral charm. The wines speak for themselves, crafted to the most painstaking, small batch vinification techniques. They are a powerful and articulate expression of fruit, framed by a soupcon of tannins, complexed by the disposition of vintage, terroir and clime... Halcyon harvests of harcourt valley»

Skillogalee Gewurztraminer CONFIRM VINTAGE

Gewurztraminer Clare Valley South Australia
Skillogalee is blessed every year with harvests of the Clare Valley's finest Traminer, a bounty of the most outstanding quality fruit, which the dedicated team handcrafts into vintages of exquisite small batch wines. Skillogalee means classically structured Gewurztraminer, solidly built, aromatic and spicey with notes of hazel and honeysuckle, balanced between drying minerality and floral fruits. Traminer is a bliss alongside robust food, the ideal accompaniment to spiced Asian cuisine or richly flavoured white meat recipes.
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Favourable climes at Skillogalee combine with those cool autumn nights which make Clare Valley such a great place to grow aromatic white grapes. Gewurztraminer is encouraged through attentive viticulture, hand pruning and close vineyard management, to realize parcels of the finest fruit. The best of traditional and modern technologies are employed during vinification, to preserve the complex aromaticness and punctuated fruit flavours of Gewurztraminer. Hygiene programs are meticulous and great focus is placed on a gentle handling throughout the winemaking process. Grapes are fermented with light grape solids present, to achieve a wine of silky textures and engaging complexity.
Light, bright straw hues. Dominated by floral, rose petal bouquets, citrus and hazelnut oil, banana and hints of nougat, spicy lychee and lime marmalade aromas. On the palate alight flavours of peaches and mango, all the requisite flavours of Traminer, oranges and passionfruit, lychees and spice. The finish is clean and crisp with plenty of refreshing, zesty acidity.
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