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    There are four tiny patches of vine at Scotchman's Hill, which have been mollycoddled by Robin Brockett, since the start of his tenure as chief winemaker in the 1980s. Excruciatingly limited after a strict pruning and rigorous sorting of fruit, they each yield a mere hundred cases of wine. Brockett has set aside the precious harvests of these superior blocks for his own label, a personal project to hand craft the finest of vintage, an exclusive range of the Bellarine's most elite single vineyard efforts. So besotted is Brockett by the spectacular quality of fruit from these four regal parcels, he has imported two 800 Litre Tuscan vinification Amphora from the Brunello commune of Montalcino. Whole bunches and wild ferments in the like of ancient clay urns, hand plunged in the old world way, appreciatively unfiltered for a tasteful measure of sauvage. Aficianados of small batch, limited release endeavours by Australian winemaking luminaries, are quietly advised to indulge their appetence and secure a case of Robin Brockett Pinot Noir, Syrah.. Brockett begets the best of bellarine»

    Sperino Lessona DOC CONFIRM VINTAGE

    Nebbiolo Piedmont Italy
    The inaugural vintage of Lessona DOC, an achievement of five years restoration amongst the graceful old vines on the sun drenched, pre alpine plateau of Orolungo. The noble Nebbiolo wines of Piedmont have been treasured for centuries by international cognoscente, they became ever more invaluable as growers concentrated their efforts on higher yielding viticulture to the south. Reclaimed from the overgrowths of itinerant weeds and delinquent shrubs, the spectacular Lessona vines are producing precious harvests of the finest vintages ever.
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