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Crafted from small parcels of single vineyard, Gippsland fruit, treated to the traditional old world regimens of whole bunch and wild yeast ferments. These are a range of new world Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to match the classic Cru La Bourgogne, the cool ripening climes provide the perfect chill to encourage velvet tannins. Home Block Chardonnay, a big burgundian style with weighty palate and outstanding length, driven by powerful orchard fruit complexity, supported by textural and seductive, creamy oak richness. Exclusively Myrtle Point grown Pinot Noir, its bright sassafras, cherry fruit complexity is supported by charming pastoral elegance, a touch of barnyard, French oak sophistication and the soundest structure... All that's good from gippsland »

Taylors Pioneer Shiraz CONFIRM VINTAGE

Gold Winner Worlds Greatest Syrah Challenge
Shiraz Clare South Australia
Clare Valley Shiraz is internationally renowned, remarkable for its spectacular complexity, elegance and poise. Bill Taylor planted Shiraz with a view to formulating the very style which has won primacy throughout the world of wine. His nascent plantings continue to yield some of the most superlative Shiraz in all Valley Clare. A meticulous cull of the finest pickings are barrel fermented in new oak, followed by two years in the luxury of artisanally coopered barriques. Articulate of boysenberry, eucalypt and plum, its toothsome tapestry, undulating on a fugue of tea tree tannin and polished ebony oak.
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