Tia Maria Jamaican Coffee Liqueur 700ml

Tia Maria is one of the world's great, long lived and enduring Liqueurs. More and more enthusiasts are being introduced to The Dark Spirit, captivated by the layers of juicy cane sweetness, Jamaican coffee and vanilla. Tia Maria is made to an old family recipe, the only possession snatched by a Spanish noblewoman during flight from her home in Jamaica over three centuries ago. Throughout the generations, Tia Maria has established a reputation for stylish cocktails, her sublime beauty however can be best appreciated neat, alongside coffee or over ice.
Images of tanned super bartenders mixing smooth and delicious cocktails are no flight of imagination when it comes to the historical enjoyment of Tia Maria. The flexibility and unique flavours of Tia Maria have made the drink a household name and given Tia Maria an exotic and alluring appeal. It's an impression that has lasted, with a tradition still steeped in steamy glamour, introducing a whole new generation to The Dark Spirit.
Luscious, dark textural richness. A mesmerising nose, divine on its own, the secret ingredient to so many exquisite cocktails. Tia Maria's flavour and versatility have proven to be a little miracle. A blend of rich coffee flavours and cane liquors into a drink that really is the best of both worlds. Light and flattering to the taste buds, Tia Maria offers a cool, lightly sweet and contemporary taste experience.
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