Two Hands Brilliant Disguise Moscato 500ml 2015 CONFIRM 2015 VINTAGE

Muscat Frontignac Barossa South Australia
Two Hands sensational Brilliant Disguise Moscato is back again. And what a beauty! A sense of urgency is essential to the creation of this moreish wine, time from vine to bottle is only a few weeks weeks. Italian in style, la Dolce vita through and through, fashioned from parcels of hand selected White Frontignac grapes, Brilliant Disguise is a low alcohol, slightly spritzy style endowed with sweet, lush fruity flavours. Its lovely density and purity of fruit is rarely found in top flight Moscato, cleansing and rejuvenating the palate for the next snip.
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From old, white Frontignac Barossa vines, between thirty and fifty years of age. Once sidelined as a victim of changing trends, the resurgence to bright and fresh Moscato wines is now saving the varietal from certain extinction in Australia. Brilliant Disguise, crafted exclusively from the white Frontignac or Muscat grape, is always the earliest to be picked, first to be vinified and bottled each vintage. The essence of the Moscato style requires special efforts to retain freshness, it is pressed and fermented, filtered and bottled in quick succession. The fruit is picked early in the season, at ripe, healthy levels of baume, pressed and settled before a brisk fermentation, retaining its delightful fruitiness. Alcohol 8.5%
Light straw in colour. A very lively bouquet of lemon zest and pineapple, lychee and guava, persimmons, tropical fruit juice and fresh sherbet. Lifted and inviting, full of floral notes, rosewater and sherbet with subtle grapefruit and talc. The palate is sweet and thick and then gains energy as the bubbles and acidity give life to the thick layer of fruit along the palate. The finish is very clean, whilst acid provides great foil to the sweetness.
Two Hands
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