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An elixir of rare, and fine herbs, macerated in a neutral spirit and then carefully re-distilled. The secondary distillation is a painstaking process which defines the Absinthe, and is an integral part of it's creation. This, and the quality of ingredients, gives Upsynth Original its characteristically smooth finish, so ideal for use in cocktail. The unique Upsynth is produced under the most strict and rigorous protocals, it's taste is exquite, refined and natural, derived exclusively from the most precious and elusive Austrian Alpine herbs.
References to Absinthe can be found in the Vorarlberg chronicles from the middle of the 18th century. In 1868, Kaspar Alois Greber developed the first main features of today's Upsynth Original absinthe. The mild alpine climate of western Austria played a key role in the development of Absinthe, due to the wide variety of fruits, herbs and meadow grasses used as ingredients. Local customs also played a role in the development of the spirit, as farmers enjoyed distillation rights, and thus were able to create a wide variety of homemade schnapps and bitters, using cherry, pear, raspberry, apple, rowan berry, gentian to name but a few. These skills and techniques were later applied to the art of fine Absinthe distillation. Alcohol 55%
Upsynth Original, the authentic Absinthe of Austria. A timeless spirit double distilled with tantalising alpine herbs. The secret of the Upsynth brand is that it is distilled from twenty different herbs, including wormwood, fennel, anise and gentian. Some of the herbs grow high in the mountains, at heights of up to 2000 metres above sea level. Reactionary opponents of absinthe succeeded in making the product illegal in many countries, although, interestingly, it has always been legal in the United Kingdom. In the 1970s, Christian Greber was given the recipe as had been the family tradition. The 21st century saw absinthe regain legal status in most countries where it had been banned.
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