Valdespino Pedro Ximenez Yellow Label CONFIRM VINTAGE

Pedro Ximenez Jerez Spain
Valdespino make Sherry from one of the oldest and most picturesque Bodegas in Jerez. Spain's most long lived brand of Sherry, Valdespino has been enjoyed by cognoscente for centuries. A major contributor to the enduring house style, is the substantial collection of very old oak barrels, which are host to the peculiar Flor yeasts that impart remarkable smoothness and complexity to the finished wines. A Sherry of extraordinary richness, elegance and finesse, coffee and rancio flavoured, crafted from parcels of intensely flavoured, sun dried grapes.
Available in cartons of six
Case of 6
Still sourcing fruit from the original estate vineyard, established circa 1300, generations of winemakers at Bodegas Valdespino have made major contributions to the refined art of crafting fine old Sherry. Some of the antique barrels which hold stocks of maturing Valdespino, are up to a hundred years of age, they are cherished as an invaluable endowment and repaired at the estate cooperage, time and time again. A film of indigenous winery flora yeasts serve to keep the wine stable as it ages, imparting and infusing wonderful characters into the Sherry as it evolves over the course of many years.
Very dark in colour, often referred to as black Sherry, a green tinge from extended barrel age. Bouquet of rancio and sultana, almonds and marzipan, developed cumquat notes. A solid weight of fruit on the palate, raisin and rancio, coffee syrup and liquorice, almond and salted caramel. Immeasurably long finish, a clean and lingering aftertaste, complex, luscious and unforgettable.
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