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Greg Melick embarked on the prodigal road to gambling and booze as a mere teenager, after winning the daily double at Werribee and spending the lot on good red wine. He ultimately returned to the straight and narrow, achieving the rank of ADF Major General, Senior Law Counsel, Master Wine Judge and Officer of Australia AO. Melick now grows his own, he remains besotted with les grands vignobles de Bourgogne, the illustrious Pinot Noir of Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune. There are few places in the world, more akin to the 1er Grand Cru style of Pinot Noir, than the temperate pastures along Tasmania's River Derwent. It was here in 2002, amongst the woodland idylls of the apple isle, that Melick established Pressing Matters, a meagre four hectares of superior European clones Pinot Noir. Mr Melick has come full circle, this time exchanging his wager in good wine, to win the highly coveted Royal Melbourne James Halliday Trophy for the finest Pinot Noir in Australia... Pressing matters in pinot noir»

Vavasour Pinot Noir CONFIRM VINTAGE

Pinot Noir Marlborough/Awatare New Zealand
Vavasour were the first to plant vines in Awatere Valley, an area with climes rather different to the rest of Marlborough, yielding a quality of Pinot Noir which offers unique charm. There is only one goal for the team at Vavasour, get the best fruit and make the finest wine for those who appreciate all things Marlborough. Careful land management is essential, leaf plucking and shoot thinning, closely manicured canopies and controlled yields, all ensure the finest harvest of Pinot Noir, exhibiting great concentration of fruit and vibrant varietal character.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
After two decades of pioneering viticulture in the Awatere and Marlborough regions, Vavasour have established a highly experienced team of growers and winemakers. Sustainable land management is the priority, the team dedicate much time in mainatining the environment. Each year the best parcels are earmarked for special attention. When the finished wines are outstanding, they form the small quantities under the Vavasour label. Harvested throughout the cool of night to retain flavour and freshness, careful winemaking and choice yeasts are employed so that the vibrant fruit flavours from the vineyard are preserved.
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