Touriga & Tinto Douro Portugal
Vintage 2000 will be remembered for the immense concentration of its wines and small quantities produced. The old vines, fifty years of age, produced an average of only 420 grams each.
Wine has been made in the Douro since Roman times, although it was not until 1756 that the region was formally delineated by Marquês de Pombal, making it the world's oldest demarcated wine region. With a history in the Port trade dating back centuries, the style and superb quality of Warre's Ports are defined by its vineyards. Three great estates, Quinta da Cavadinha, Quinta do Retiro Antigo and Quinta da Telhada are operated by families who have been working the harvests for generations. All fruit is hand picked, hand sorted and to a great extent, tread by foot. Ferments are arrested by the addition of aguardente, a pure grape spirit of 77%, followed by ageing in large wooden casks.
Very dark colour, concentrated inky black. Lovely fresh aromas of violets. Layer and layer of ripe blackberry fruit, intensely rich and full bodied. Sweetness and tannins bind this wine together to form a perfect harmonious structure.
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