Barons Pale Ale 330ml

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Pale Australia
Barons Pale Ale is crafted from select ingredients sourced from Australasia. A symphony of hop flavours and aromas balanced with malt creaminess that delivers the ideal thirst quenching pale ale. Barons Pale Ale is a new direction in style for Australian Pale Ales. Malted Australian barley and wheat with a touch of barrel roasted crystal malt provide a medium bodied rich golden coloured beer. The addition of wheat ensures the dense cream head stays to the end of the glass
The varietals of hops used to create this ale have been chosen for the vibrant flavours and aromas and the smooth bitterness they impart. The three varietals of hops used are all new release triploids from New Zealand. The result is subtle black berry flavours and Sauvignon Blanc like character combined with classic restrained hop bitterness and passion fruit aroma. Alcohol 4.6%
Brilliant deep golden with cream head. Sweet malt and subtle passionfruit aroma. Tropical fruit flavours, guava and black berry are immediately evident with a restrained bitter finish, married with a creamy malt backing
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