Barons ESB Ale 330ml

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An Australian take on the classic British style ale that's known for it's big hoppy flavours and solid malt backing. Drinks well both Aussie cold and English warm. Barons ESB is crafted with a blend of Australian pale malt, English Golden Promise and crystal malt creating an naturally hazy copper beer that has a full malty body to support the abundance of hops. The flavour and aroma of East Kent Golding hops tops the smooth refreshing bitterness
The water has salts and minerals added during the brewing process to levels that approach the brewing water of Burton on Trent (a region in the centre of England famous for it's ales). These additions accentuate both the bitter flavour of the hops and the sweetness of the malt creating a full flavoured beer experience. The beer is fermented with traditional English ale yeast that rounds out the malt character. Alcohol 4.7%
Copper/ amber colour. Aromas of malt with toffee hints, some late hop. Solid malt character with biscuity notes balanced by noticeable hop flavour and pleasant bitter finish. Four different English noble hops are added in four different stages of the brewing process to create a complex and rewarding blend of hop bitterness, flavour and aroma
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