Moo Brew Dark Ale 330ml

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Moo Brew is crafted to enrich the Australian experience and to challenge our palates. Dedication to the art of fine brewing has brought together the highest quality ingredients, state of the art technology, tradition and commitment in the uncompromising pursuit of brewing excellence. Moo Brew's unpasteurised beers must be stored cold and enjoyed fresh for true appreciation of fresh yeast or hop aromas and flavours in balance with malt bitterness
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Dark Ale pays homage to the American Brown Ale style, presenting dark with a deep cherry-red tint. The palate has caramel and chocolate and a lightly roasted finish. Hop bitterness and aromatic character are balanced and pleasantly textured. Serve with chocolate, caramel and coffee based desserts, with grilled white meats or aged cheddar. They are the true test of brewing craft
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