Virgin Blonde Low Carb Lager 330ml

Virgin Blonde Low Carb Lager 330ml - Buy
Low-Carb Australia
A fully organic offering fom Australia's most exciting brewery. A pemium low carb pale lager made from lightly roasted barley grown to virgin soils without the use of pesticides or herbicides. The grain is unfumigated and the brewing process is independently certified free from chemical or sugar additions. While you enjoy Virgin Blonde you can be sure that you're not putting any nasty chemicals in your mouth
At 4.0% alcohol, Virgin Blonde is designed to be a light, refreshing thirst quencher, with enough zip to make you feel responsibly warm and fuzzy. Crafted to the goodness of German brewing techniques from chemical free produce. If you value your health and also love beer, you'll not find a lager on the market where more has been done with your health in mind
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