Red Angus Pilsener 345ml

Pilsner Australia
Red Angus Pilsener is a beer that will quietly impress the drinker from the moment it's poured. At first glance, it's pale and bright. That's the grain, the lightness of Romsey Wheat. Closer inspection reveals a hint of darkness – the mark of Carapils malt, sourced from the historic brewing town of Bamberg in Bavaria. Red Angus Pilsener was created to be totally thirst quenching. It's very drinkable
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Experts will note the signs of class – the natural, white rocky head and the gentle scents of well-bred hops and wheat malt teasing the nose. The delicious aromas are enhanced by filtration, not flattened by pasteurisation. A beer that hasn't been butchered
The first aroma is ultra fresh and clean. There's a delightful balance of fresh bright fruit and rich malt. This develops with the more earthy scents of the bittering hops coming through towards the bottom of the glass. It's very refreshing. Perhaps the greatest delight of Red Angus is the long gentle pillowy hop bitterness that keeps on going after each swallow
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