Black Sheep Monty Python Holy Grail 500ml

Novelty United Kingdom
Situated at the gateway to Wensleydale, Masham is the home of the Black Sheep Brewery. Holy Grail was specially commissioned to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Pythons. Great beer is not just the product of the ingredients and the recipe, but also of the plant that brews it. Fate has played a kind hand to the Black Sheep Brewery which is housed in an old maltings building, once part of the ancient Lightfoot's Brewery
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Black Sheep is brewed exclusvely from traditional high quality raw materials. Crystal clear dales water from the brewery's own well, Maris Otter malted barley for extra flavour, wheat to fortify the brew's natural head, a little roasted malt for colour and flavour and generous amounts of whole English hops to make the beer really refreshing. Such a material bill is more expensive than the average, but it is well worth the extra. Alcohol 4.7%
Black Sheep Holy Grail has a distinctive taste with plenty of fruity hops, and is full flavoured with a dry and refreshing bitterness
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