Black Sheep Ale 500ml

English United Kingdom
A most auspicious brew, Black Sheep Ale is brewed to traditional time honoured methods which lead to a bottled beer of the highest quality. As with all Black Sheep, brewed in the traditional way and fermented to the unique Yorkshire Square system to produce a distinctive robust taste. This most unusual fermentation system yields beer with distinctive bitterness and a silky mouth-feel
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Black Sheep only use Yorkshire Square fermenting vessels. An ancient process, the cooled wort is fermented by special yeasts in a shallow chamber about two metres deep. The fermenting wort is regularly pumped from the bottom of the chamber over the yeasty head. Following the ferments, most of the yeast rises onto the deck, separated from the beer. Some of the yeast is saved, stored and then used for subsequent brews. Alcohol 4.4%
Brewed with many generous handfuls of choice Golding hops, Black Sheep is full flavoured premium ale with a rich fruity aroma. The bittersweet malty taste is followed by Black Sheep's uncompromising long, dry and bitter finish
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