Sapporo Imported 650ml

Lager Japan
Sapporo beers date back to 1876 with the founding of the Kaitakushi Brewery, the first Bavarian style brewing company in Japan. Sapporo's brewing tradition produces world class beers made from only the finest natural ingredients. Sapporo lagers have a crisp, refreshing taste that can be enjoyed on its own or as the perfect complement to any meal
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Sapporo uses only the highest quality ingredients, the finest malt, hop and yeast, sub-ingredients (rice and corn) and excellent water. Good malt is made from the very best barley. Sapporo exclusively uses two row barley, the most suitable kind for brewing. Some well-known names are Haruna Nijo, Tsuyu Shirazu and Tone Nijo. All were developed by Sapporo
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