Vale Ale McLaren 330ml

Pale Australia
Whilst McLaren Vale is usually associated with grapes, it is the region's epicurean tradition which is most enduring. With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce Vale Ale, a bottle conditioned premium Pale Ale from one of the world's great wine regions. Vale Ale is a sophisticated and complex Australian Ale with great structure and exquisite balance
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Vale Ale is not filtered or carbonated but allowed to finish off its fermentation in the bottle which achieves a subtle carbonation that complements the Ale style. It is brewed from the finest malt and hops and fermented with traditional ale yeast. Alcohol 4.5%
Vale Ale opens with bright aromas of hops and citrus. A mouthful of pronounced fruit flavours, nutty malt and bitter hops following on the mid palate. The finish is quite dry and light for a Pale Ale, a refreshing finish with a light effervescence, perfect to quench a summer's thirst
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