Boags James Premium Lager 375ml

Lager Australia
A premium lager, internationally recognized, multi award winning beer with a rich Tasmanian heritage. Acclaimed at home and abroad, James Boags Premium was honoured with the 2007 Crystal Prestige Award for winning ten consecutive gold medals at Le Monde Selection Bruxelles. A combination of the finest ingredients and world class brewing skills in sophisticated styling, a smooth, subtle and perfectly balanced world class lager
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Bright palae straw in colour, finely beaded bubbles, lacing on the glass. Fresh fruity aromas, malty notes, discernible hop characters. In fine balance between hops and malt. A fruity front palate followed by a light malt finish. A pleasant bitterness without being overpowering. A smooth dry finish and a crisp, fresh aftertaste that doesn't linger on the palate
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