Monteiths Celtic Beer 330ml

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Amber New Zealand
Monteith's Celtic Beer is considered an Irish style Ale in the heritage of beers with a burnt red colour traditionally brewed in the Emerald Isle. The hop character is medium to allow the chocolate malts to show through. Monteith's brewers have been able to develop traditional ale fermentation characters while allowing the interesting roasted malt notes to come through in the aroma
Monteith's Dry Kilned Celtic froths up with a slightly roasted chocolate aroma from special kilning. This develops an invigoratingly dry, thirst quenching characteristic in the beer. It's the rich chocolate malts that deliver its distinctive burnt-red colours and baking chocolate aroma. Monteith's has a dry roasted malt flavour characteristic. This malty characteristic and crisp dryness is derived from malts of the roasted chocolate malt style
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