Monteiths Lemon Lime Radler 330ml

Flavour New Zealand
Monteith's Lemon and Lime Flavoured Radler® is a refreshing fruity lager, based on the style brewed in Bavaria during the 1920s. In search of an invigorating brew, locals developed an easy drinking lager bier with a citrus twist, flavoured with lemon and lime. Monteith's Radler® faithfully recreates the experience, brewed to full strength with distinctive hoppy notes, a hint of natural lemon juice and a zesty citrus finish
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Monteith's Radler® has a level of residual sweetness to complement the added lemon juice. This combination provides balance and a degree of complexity to the flavour, only lightly hopped to ensure the bitterness character does not dominate. After a hard days work, the refreshing citrus taste of Radler® will go well with fresh crayfish, spicy sausages, cheeses and fresh bread. The perfect treat for cyclists, or radler in German
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