Pilsner Urquell 330ml

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Pilsner Czech Republic
Since 1842 the Pilsner Urquell brauerei have used only the purest, most natural ingredients to create a beer of golden opulence. From the soft crystal clear waters, to the superior Bohemian and Moravian barley and noble hops from the Saaz region. Even the yeast can boast of centuries of breeding. Pilsner Urquell – the pure pilsner from Pilsen
The people of Pilsen have always been passionate about their beer, so much so that unsatisfactory brews were unceremoniously emptied into the city's sewers. For generations the distinguished brew masters have ensured that Pilsner Urquell, with its distinctive darker shade of gold and snow white head, has maintained its uncompromised purity of flavour
Clear golden amber colour, creamy head. A floral aroma, raise the glass to your mouth and inhale deeply. Relish for a moment the aromas of fresh baguette, earthy hops and honeysuckle. Slightly sweet, somewhat malty, the honey nut flavour sparkles on the tip of your tongue, and slides into your mouth where tart citrus flavours and warm caramel bitterness builds quickly before slipping down your throat full of rich body, thoroughly refreshing
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