Ranga Brewing Co Ranga Premium Red Ale 330ml

Ales Australia
After two years of development, The Ranga was designed to offer a beer with a red colour, flavour, aroma and real character. The Ranga has become a uniquely Australian term for our red haired populatation. It is with pride that we promote the Ranga, as better than any blonde. Australians will now fancy a Red in preference to a Blonde. There's nothing that can compare to this, like all Ranga's, this one deserves to be recognized. Better still, part proceeds from the Ranga go towards the Australian Orangutan Foundation to help support Orangutan conservation
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Brewed In Geelong, at last an Ale with a real difference, that is proudly Australian. Taste it and you'll never look at a blonde again. Cheers to a Ranga!
Like any redhead, this beer has real character. It has an appealing floral aroma, a slightly sweet and fruity palate, a clean and vibrant taste with good mouthfeel, better still it is good for a session and won't bloat you. It is visually appealing with a rich creamy head. The Ranga is all natural and free from additives and preservatives so you can taste the best that nature can provide
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