Bewdy Cold Lager 330ml

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Lager Australia
Bewdy is not brewed from Canadian bandicoot chestnuts, nor is it matured in the fur of an overweight yak. Bewdy create a beer that mostly everyone will enjoy drinking all the time. Bewdy is proud to be mainstream lager, sterile filtered for a fresher taste, brewed using the finest Australian two row malt and a special hop formulation that enables the beer to be packed into flint clear glass without having to disguise the flavour with a slice of lime
Bewdy is micro filtered to avoid the damaging heat of pasteurisation, a unique feature in this style of beer. Avoiding heat keeps the beer fresher for longer and helps in maintaining the crystal clarity that can be appreciated in the attractively packaged bottle. Experience the satisfaction of drinking the only true cold filtered beer that's been brewed right to be consumed icy cold
A clear, bright beer with a good frothing residue, the aroma is bright and crisp, promising the refreshing tang of a well made beer
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