Burleigh Black Giraffe Coffee Lager 650ml

Black Giraffe Coffee Lager 650ml - Buy
Flavour Australia
Get yourself a real, fresh Coffee Lager and sit back and relax while you get to know fine Beer just a little better. You will soon discover that Burleigh is more than a brewery, it is a passionate and committed team of experienced people who continually strive to produce beer of the finest quality, flavour and freshness for that local flavour. A full flavoured Coffee Lager with complexity, aromaticness and texture
Burleigh Brewing Company honours the traditional methods making the finest Beer while taking advantage of modern innovation and technical efficiencies to give things a fresh approach. Every step of the brewing process, from system and ingredient preparation to production itself, product transfers, equipment cleaning, packaging and maintenance, has a significant effect on the final product's quality, flavour and stability
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