Bootleg Brewery Bootleg Toms Amber Ale 330ml

Amber Australia
Proud owners of Bootleg Brewery at Wilyabrup, the Reynolds family ancestry includes several well known pioneer identities. The earliest of these, John Garrett Bussell, first settled in 1830 at the mouth of the Blackwood River at Augusta. Bootleg Brewery today attracts many tourists and locals alike who are drawn to relaxed atmosphere, delicious lunches and high quality, flavourful, boutique beers
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A traditional Australian Amber Ale the initial bitterness is quite distinctive however, not so overpowering that the other flavours are masked. The bitterness rounds off to reveal malty toasty flavours, offset and balances, due to the sweetness, the bite of Australian grown pride of Ringwood hops. Being profoundly malty in aroma, copper in colour and lightly carbonated makes this a pleasant ale for social occasions
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