Bridge Road Celtic Red Ale 330ml

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Originally brewed for Beechworth's annual Celtic festival, the Celtic Red Ale is now a Bridge Road staple. The Celtic festival is held in November of each year, and aside from the music, having a few ales is a big part of it. Celtic Red Ale acn be classified as an Irish Red Ale in beer speak, it's full palate and aromatic complexity is sure to make you merry
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A wonderful deep red hue and a creamy off-white head. Big malty body owing to the use of caramalised malts and roast barley. The flavour is slightly roasted with smooth notes of chocolate, toffee or Jaffa, bringing back childhood memories of the occasional Jaffa that was actually consumed and not just thrown at the back of someone's head. The malt character exhibits the use of noble hops to provide a good lick of bitterness
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