Broo Premium Lager 330ml

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Lager Australia
Right now there's only one Broo, lucky for you it's the best Broo in Australia. Broo isn't a special occasion beer, you're allowed to drink it anytime you want and anywhere. Premium Lager, no artificial anything, all natural ingredients, we all know what's in beer and what shouldn't be in beer, right? Broo treat beer like beer, it's what beer was before all the tossers tried to treat it like wine. Unless someone tells the Broo-er he needs to make something better, this is the best Broo in Australia
Broo isn't infused with salmon, lemon or peanuts, and you don't even have to stick fruit in it. You can eat whatever you bloody well like with it, but by all accounts the beer tastes just right on its own. A mouthful of raw squid, and a plate of something that a good vet could get going doesn't do much for the taste. There's nothing like the sight of a mob of Broo's coming your way
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